How To Fix A Chipped Tooth – What To Do And What NOT To Do

How To Fix A Chipped Tooth – What To Do And What NOT To Do

Getting your tooth chipped is not uncommon. A fall, crunching on ice or hard candy, taking a blow, or tearing plastic packages can cause damage to your teeth. The tooth enamel still has its limitations despite being the toughest tissue in the body.

If you notice or realize that you have chipped your tooth, there is no need to panic. Our dentists in Colorado Springs will be able to provide various ways to fix your chipped tooth so you can smile with confidence.

What to do and not to do?

A chipped tooth should always be treated as soon as possible. Not everyone has the time to visit their dentist immediately to have their tooth treated.

While you have yet to book an appointment for dental treatment, here are some tips to properly care for your chipped tooth.

  • If you experience pain, make sure to rinse with salt water and take pain relievers
  • Cover your chipped tooth with cotton or wax paraffin if it has sharp edges
  • Avoid chewing on the broken tooth and eating hard foods.

How to fix a chipped tooth?

The extent of the damage determines the treatment for a chipped tooth. For instance, minor damage is fixed by applying dental fillings. While a severely broken tooth may require a lengthy procedure.

Here are four procedures that dentists use to restore a chipped tooth:

  • Dental Filling or Bonding – For this procedure, dentists apply a tooth-colored resin to the damaged tooth and repair the damage.
  • Dental Crowns – Typically made with metal, porcelain, resin, or ceramic, it covers and protects a weak tooth that cannot be fixed with fillings.
  • Root Canal Treatment – Used to treat infected and inflamed root canals in order to preserve the tooth’s structure.
  • Dental Veneers – These are thin, tooth-colored materials used to cover the surfaces of the teeth.

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