How To Maintain Healthy Gums

How To Maintain Healthy Gums

Keeping your gums healthy is just as important as protecting your teeth and the rest of your mouth. If you have gingivitis or, worse, advanced periodontal disease, your teeth are in danger of becoming loose and falling out. The deep pockets that form during this advanced disease also invite germs and other bacteria into the gums, making the issue worse. Over time, these bacteria may even be able to get into your bloodstream and move through the body. That can lead to a number of very serious conditions. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your gums healthy.

Put Down the Cigarettes

Smoking can do a lot of damage to your mouth, but it especially affects the gums. If you smoke, you are very likely to develop gum disease due to how smoking damages and weakens your body’s immune system. Smoking also reduces the body’s ability to heal, making it difficult for the gums to repair themselves after they have been damaged.

Brush Regularly with the Right Toothpaste

Of course, it should go without saying that brushing twice a day is good for your gums. However, you do want to make certain that you are using the right toothpaste. Look for a product that includes fluoride and that has been approved by the ADA. The flavor does not matter so long as fluoride is one of the active ingredients.

Use a Mouthwash, Too

Another good tool to add to your daily oral hygiene routine is mouthwash. Like toothpaste, however, you want to make certain that you’re using the right mouthwash. Again, look for the ADA seal of approval. Using this mouthwash will help remove debris and food particles from your mouth, plus it washes plaque off of your teeth and gums.

Do not forget that you also need to come in to see us every six months for regular cleaning. During this appointment, we will look over your gums and provide treatment for gingivitis and other issues. To make an appointment, contact Crossroads Family Dentistry today.

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