Discover Gentle Relief from TMJ Pain with Biolase Epic Laser Therapy in Colorado Springs

At Crossroads Family Dentistry, we’re not just about teeth; we’re about improving lives through advanced dental care. Led by Dr. Ryan Tyng and Dr. Hannah Libby, our practice in Colorado Springs is dedicated to providing innovative, effective, and family-friendly dental solutions. Specializing in cutting-edge treatments like Biolase Epic TMJ infra-red laser deep tissue therapy, we offer a new path to relief for those suffering from TMJ disorders.

Discover Gentle Relief from TMJ Pain with Biolase Epic Laser Therapy in Colorado Springs

Understanding TMJ Disorders and Your Pain Relief Options

TMJ disorders affect countless individuals, leading to symptoms like jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and headaches. Traditional treatments have ranged from physical therapy to oral appliances, but these don't always provide the relief or convenience patients need. That’s where our advanced Biolase Epic laser therapy comes into play, offering a modern solution to this age-old problem.

The Breakthrough of Biolase Epic TMJ Therapy

Biolase Epic TMJ infra-red laser deep tissue therapy is a revolutionary approach to treating TMJ discomfort. This non-invasive, pain-free method uses focused infra-red light to penetrate deep into the tissue, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and promoting healing at the source of the TMJ symptoms.

Biolase Epic TMJ Therapy vs. Traditional TMJ Treatments

While traditional TMJ treatments often focus on managing symptoms, Biolase Epic TMJ therapy aims at the root cause of the pain. Unlike oral appliances that must be worn regularly or medication that can have side effects, Biolase Epic provides quick, effective relief without the drawbacks of conventional methods.

Why Biolase Epic TMJ Therapy at Crossroads Family Dentistry?

Choosing Biolase Epic TMJ therapy at Crossroads Family Dentistry means opting for a targeted, efficient treatment. Our experts, Dr. Tyng and Dr. Libby, are not only skilled in dental care but are also trained in the latest laser therapy techniques, ensuring you receive the best possible care.

Your Journey to TMJ Relief with Biolase Epic Therapy

Your treatment journey with us will be comfortable and supportive. From the initial consultation, where we thoroughly assess your TMJ symptoms, to each laser therapy session, you’ll be guided by our caring team, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ and Biolase Epic Therapy

What exactly is TMJ? 

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which connects your jaw to your skull. Disorders in this joint can cause pain and dysfunction.

How does Biolase Epic work? 

The Biolase Epic system uses infra-red laser technology to penetrate deep into the tissue, alleviating pain and inflammation at the source.

Is the treatment painful? 

No, Biolase Epic therapy is non-invasive and painless, with most patients experiencing immediate relief during and after the session.

Comprehensive TMJ Care and Beyond at Crossroads Family Dentistry

Our commitment to your oral health extends beyond TMJ therapy. We offer a full range of dental services to ensure your overall dental health is maintained, providing a foundation for lasting TMJ relief and wellness.

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