Will The Dentist Pull An Infected Tooth?

Will The Dentist Pull An Infected Tooth?

Having a tooth infection is common among adults to experience. In a report, over 13% of adults seek dental care to have their tooth infection treated within four years in the United States.

Despite having good oral hygiene, there may still be a point where your Colorado Springs dentist has your tooth extracted. When this happens, it is the only option available to save you from recurring toothache.

So when exactly will a dentist recommend tooth extraction?

Keep reading as we reveal what a dentist must consider before pulling a tooth.

Do I need a tooth extraction?

There are many possible treatments before the best dentist in Colorado Springs recommends this option. Dental treatments are developed to save your teeth and keep them shining when you smile.

For instance, treatments like dental crowns and filling should help retain the natural look of your tooth. However, when an infected or damaged tooth is beyond repair, it will need a tooth extraction.

Keep in mind that the purpose of tooth extraction is to prevent the further spread of the infection. This way, you can save your other healthy teeth from damage.

Other factors that would require tooth extraction include the following:

  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Need of space for the permanent tooth
  • Growing teeth are blocked by extra teeth
  • Adjustment for braces


Simple and surgical extraction are two ways to extract a tooth. You may require one of these, depending on your case.

A simple extraction is recommended when the tooth needed to be removed is visible along the gumline. On the other hand, surgical extraction would require the dentist to make a small incision in the gum to remove the tooth.

Don’t get too worried about getting hurt. For tooth extractions, the dentists in Colorado Springs use a general anesthetic to numb certain areas of your mouth. This will make the extraction easers and pain-free.  

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