Why Checkups Are Essential

Why Checkups Are Essential

Regular on time health screenings are important because they can help find problems before they get too serious. Whether it is your regular physician, dentist, eye doctor, etc., going to the doctor to get checkups can help prevent serious health scares. They help find problems early while they still have the chance of being cured. By taking the precautions of getting regular checkups, you are taking the steps to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. Below I am going to give you some reasons why getting regular checkups are essential to maintaining a healthy, stress-free life.

Prevention vs. Cure

Regular checkups help physicians spot problems early on. Checkups incorporate several different tests and screenings, which help doctors find problems, but everyone wants them to come back clear meaning that you are in good health. Checkups ensure that you can have prevention instead of needing a cure. If you go regularly like it is recommended, then doctors can find something that could be a potential problem and they can inform you on how to prevent it. Whereas if you go when a problem is already occurring, you might need to cure whatever health problem it is, if it has one.

Cutting Healthcare Costs

If you go get your regular healthcare checkups and screenings, you will save way more money than if you wait till you have a serious health problem to go to the hospital. If you do have health care insurance, your copay at a regular doctor’s check-up will be less expensive than one at the hospital. This also goes back to prevention vs. Cure, if you go for regular checkups, you are less likely to have to pay a large doctor’s bill from a surgery or anything that might be considered to need serious medical attention instead of practicing prevention to begin with.

Dental and Vision

While unlike regular doctor checkups, dental and vision checkups are usually considered to be less important, but this is definitely not true. You still have certain things that can happen and be prevented such as periodontal disease which could eventually end in tooth loss or glaucoma that can lead to permanent blindness. Rule of thumb is you should go to the dentist every six months or twice a year to make sure that you are maintaining strong, healthy teeth. As for the eye doctor, you should go at least every two years, while people over sixty-five should have a checkup every year because the chances of having a health problem go up with age.

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