Why 3D (The Benefits Of 3D X-Rays)

Why 3D (The Benefits Of 3D X-Rays)

3D X-rays sound super high tech, and they are! This technology allows for a better clinical experience for the patient while providing practitioners with a panoramic view of your mouth and head, and the level of detail allows for greater diagnostic accuracy, which means the best dental care for you.

Usually, when we visit the dentist, we think of all the lights, sounds, bibs, and sitting still for traditional x-rays. This is where 3D dental images come in handy for diagnosis and treatment planning.

How does it work?

3D technology uses a non-obtrusive camera mounted to an arm that rotates around your head while you stand or sit upright, you may be positioned on a chin rest to stabilize your head, to obtain a complete 360-degree scan producing up to 600 images which are assembled by special scanning software. The best part is it’s a quick process (usually only 10 seconds or so) and generally eliminates the need for retakes because it’s not as sensitive to patient movements. And fewer retakes means less radiation exposure.

These scans have an incredible resolution that allows for greater visualization of bone structures and roots to better find root canals and possible fractures and pinpoint exact locations for dental procedures. Having these comprehensive views increases treatment success because they provide three-dimension information rather than two-dimensional information like typical x-rays to help with diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluation of conditions. 3D images also provide for greater confidence when preparing for oral surgery, orthodontics, and even endodontics, according to the American Dental Association.

Medical technology is always improving at incredible rates providing more efficient, more precise, and more in-depth methods. These 3D x-rays allow dentists to zone in on a small area, even as small as a single tooth’s root for examination, and the quality is much more controlled.

This new equipment can provide you with dental care not widely known in the general population (although it’s becoming more popular) to make your dental examinations, diagnosis, and care faster and more successful for both you and your dentist. And it generally costs less because you aren’t visiting a separate clinic for specialty CT scans.

Because 3D x-rays can show angles and features of teeth that may not be visible with traditional x-rays, it can be especially useful for identifying degenerative conditions or potential problems down the road and often means extending the life of your teeth and improving quality of crowns and implants.

This incredible technology is on its way to becoming the new standard in dental care, allowing dentists to see your mouth in a way not previously available with x-ray or CT scans to be able to diagnose problems and provide more effective treatment for you.

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