What Is An EDDA?

What Is An EDDA?

If you’re planning to pursue your career in the field of dentistry, but you’re not keen on becoming a dentist, or it’s not your cup of tea. You could consider a career as a dental assistant with expanded functions or an EDDA(expanded dental duties assistant). EDDA is a popular career move, and the demand for these professionals is at an all-time high. As per our dental office in Colorado Springs, if you’re wondering how you could benefit from this degree or what the responsibilities are, then here’s all you need to know.

What is a Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions?

A dental assistant position is a stepping stone into the world of dental care and patient wellbeing. Various people look forward to administrative duties, and this is why they should take up the role of a dental assistant. The primary purpose of a dental assistant is to provide the right kind of support to hygienists and dentists. The main job is to sterilize the tools and equipment so that the dentist does not transmit any kind of diseases from one patient to another. They also need to set up the trays for the hygienist or the dentist. This way, they will not be distracted in the middle of a major procedure, and they will have all they need within touching distance. Other functions of dental assistants at dentist Colorado Springs co include:

  • Removal of crowns
  • Fitting bite guards
  • Fabrication of crowns
  • Replacing sealant
  • Polishing the teeth

Why Choose Dental Assistant Training with Expanded Functions?

EDDA professionals are a preferred choice to be recruited by dentists in Colorado Springs as opposed to professionals who have no training in handling dental patients. If you plan on working in the state of Florida, then the only way you can work in a dental clinic is if you’re a dentist or if you have an EDDA degree. The pay for professionals because the education is better in comparison to other jobs and you get to learn a lot which comes in handy in the long run. Choose the right education program, choose an EDDA education degree.

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