What Do Dentists Do When You Have A Cavity?

What Do Dentists Do When You Have A Cavity?

What Do Dentists Do When You Have a Cavity?

Discovering that you have a cavity is never pleasant, but it can happen to anyone. You probably already know that you should make a dentist appointment if you suspect you have a cavity, but what will your dentist do about it? Let’s break that down.

What is a Cavity?

A cavity is a small hole in your tooth that’s a type of tooth decay.

Some symptoms generally associated with cavities are tooth sensitivity and pain, black stains on your teeth, or a noticeable hole in a tooth. Cavities result from plaque, which comes from the mixing of food pieces, bacteria, acid, and saliva.

When you come in with symptoms of a cavity, your dentist will perform an oral exam to confirm that a cavity is the source of your symptoms. Sometimes, you won’t have any symptoms initially, though, so the only way to find a cavity will be through your regular dentist checkups.

Once your dentist is certain you have a cavity, they will move on to treating it.

Cavity Treatment Options

How your dentist will treat your cavity will depend on how severe it is.

Fillings are one of the most common treatment options for cavities, and they’re generally suitable for any cavity that hasn’t reached severe decay. For a filling, your dentist will use a drill to remove all the decayed parts of the affected tooth. Then, they will fill that hole with either silver, resin, or gold.

Another option for dealing with a cavity is using a crown. Your dentist will generally only give you a crown if the tooth has suffered from severe decay. Crowns are custom caps that go on top of the affected tooth to replace the damaged natural crown.

In severe cases, your cavity may require a root canal. This involves removing all the decayed parts of the tooth as well as the nerve tissue and blood vessel tissue. The dentist may apply medicine to the roots before filling the tooth.

Keep Cavities Away

The best way to avoid having to deal with cavity treatment is to stick to a strong oral health routine, including regular checkups at the dentist. For anyone in the Colorado Springs area, consider trusting Crossroads Family Dentistry as your source for all things dental care. Make an appointment with us today to protect your teeth from cavities and other problems!

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