Most Common Preventable Childhood Tooth Injuries That Occur At Home

Most Common Preventable Childhood Tooth Injuries That Occur At Home

Half of all children under the age of 12 suffer from some type of mouth injury. Despite what many people think, a number of these injuries occur at home, whether before or after school or during the summer when kids are so often bored, looking for something fun to do. Many of the injuries that children sustain are preventable. Look below to learn some of the most common preventable tooth injuries that children receive.

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth results from a high impact force on the jaw or the face. Broken teeth cause many oral health concerns as well as issues with self-esteem and confidence. Preserve the broken portion of a tooth in a bag of milk and schedule an emergency appointment at the dentist offices in Colorado Springs.

Prematurely Lost Baby Teeth

Premature loss of baby teeth is a common problem that children suffer from. Typically a child loses his tooth or teeth after a fall, whether he’s fallen off a bicycle or playing sports with their friends. Visit the dentist in Colorado Springs immediately if a baby tooth is prematurely knocked out of the socket.

Dislocated Permanent Tooth

A dislocated permanent tooth needs immediate dental attention. Rush your child to the dentist if they break a tooth so that the dentist may put it back into its socket as quickly as possible. If a tooth and socket dry out, the success rate of re-implantation is slim. However, immediate attention to the matter results in an 85% success rate.

Athletes Tooth Safety

Do you have a pint-size superstar on your hands? Athletes are susceptible to many daggers that other people are not. Protect the teeth from breaks, chips, and other damages by using a mouthguard during both practice and actual games. Custom and ready-made mouthguards are sold online, at sporting stores, and drugstores. The mouthguards provide essential protection that prevents mouth injuries that would leave your child in dismay.

Stair Safety

Stairs are a danger to anyone if they slip and fall, but children are particularly vulnerable to accidents and mishaps on stairs. Use a baby safety gate to keep smaller children from falling down the stairs or from climbing up them where an injury may occur.

Prevent Tripping

Did you know that tripping is the cause of many tooth and mouth injuries in children? Prevent tripping accidents by safeguarding your home against potential dangers. Identify any risks by walking around the house. Look for wires that are strewn across the floor, loose rugs on the floor, and other problems and reduce the risk of your child tripping and knocking out a tooth.

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Visit the dentist offices in Colorado Springs twice per year to ensure your child’s best oral health. The American Dental Association recommends visiting the dentist twice per year. The dental exams and cleanings alert the dentist in Colorado Springs of any potential problems lurking around your mouth and can ensure that the most common preventable injuries listed here do not cause turmoil for your child.

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