Major Benefits Of Dental Prosthetics

Major Benefits Of Dental Prosthetics

Prosthetics usage has drastically increased over the past several years. Today more than 35 million Americans are missing one or more teeth from their mouths. This is one reason prosthetic usage has increased across the country. Prosthetics, or devices such as false teeth, crowns, and bridges, are customized to each patient’s specific needs and crafted in a laboratory. Thanks to advanced technology, prosthodontists have many prosthetics options to offer patients. He can customize prosthetics treatments to the patient’s individual needs and offer solutions that were not available just a few short years ago. Each patient who uses prosthetics to replace their missing tooth or teeth enjoys an advanced quality of life.

Reduced Bone Loss

Tooth loss causes oral bone loss. It’s more common when a tooth isn’t replaced and when multiple teeth are lost. Dentures do not decrease the amount of bone loss due to limited chewing pressure. Dental prosthetics replace a missing tooth with a device that supports the jawbone that also exerts pressure when chewing. This substantially decreases oral bone loss.

Supports Partial Dentures

Partial dentures include many risks, including oral cavity pain, dental cavities, and looseness of gums. Dental prosthetics reduce the risks associated with partial dentures by supporting the denture. This is the only dental treatment available that provides partial dentures with the jawbone support necessary.

Oral Rehabilitation & Maintenance

New technologies increase the opportunities dentists have when replacing missing teeth from a patient’s mouth. 3D imaging, nanotechnology-based implants, and electron microscopy are among the advanced technologies available to dentists in the prosthetics industry. Each patient receives the best possible oral treatment when using prosthetics. Traditional dental care does not offer patients the plethora of solutions that prosthetics does; nor the long-lasting results.

Improved Quality of Life

Prosthetics offer an improved patient quality of life and oral health. Prosthetics create natural-like teeth that perform like their real teeth. Patients feel more confident and more comfortable as a result. Patients using prosthetics also experience fewer worries about pain and oral hygiene concerns.

Improved Aesthetics

The Academy of General Dentistry conducted a survey that revealed 96% of all working adults in the U.S. believe a smile enhances their quality of life. It is a fact that looks do matter in today’s world, no matter how much we deny the fact. Prosthetics provide an advantage since users feel more confident and comfortable. Traditional restorative methods fail to offer this quality. If you or a family member is looking for dental prosthetics in Colorado Springs, please give us a call.

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