Is My Stress Damaging My Teeth?

Is My Stress Damaging My Teeth?

One way or another, some of us have experienced getting stressed – either because of work, school, or family life.

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association in 2020 shows that almost 49 percent of adults in the United States experience stress, and it has negatively affected their behavior.

Everyone knows that stress has a direct effect not just on one’s mental health but also on physical health – particularly our teeth.

How does stress affect the teeth?

It may not be common to everyone, but stress can also affect our teeth. Believe it or not, several implications on our teeth may have been caused by stress. One of the most common conditions is teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, commonly happens during sleep when a person constantly clenches their teeth. Too much clenching or grinding could cause the teeth to be damaged or chipped.

Moreover, kids who experience Bruxism usually have disorder-related problems and are not directly related to stress. On the other hand, stress could have a direct impact when it comes to adults. Adults who experience stress may show symptoms like jaw pain, damaged teeth, or even headaches.

Although Bruxism does not usually come with serious implications, there are certain instances when it needs a professional check. Severe cases may lead to Temporomandibular Joint(TMJ) dysfunction. TMJ connects the lower and upper jaws that help us open and close our mouths. People who experience this may have noticed jaw popping and excessive pain near their ears.

If you feel that you are experiencing some symptoms of TMJ, make sure to have an appointment at the nearest dentist in Colorado Springs.


Don’t let stress take away your lovely smile. Stressing yourself about having dental conditions may lead to another source of your stress. The best way to address your teeth grinding problems is by visiting your Colorado Springs dentist. Your dentists will provide you with the best treatment that you may need to bring back your lovely smiles.

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