How Is Dental Plaque Formed?

How Is Dental Plaque Formed?

Good oral health is critical at any age. Even with the best dental care, however, sometimes everyone needs a good cleaning. Plaque is one of the most common issues we see as a family dentist in Colorado Springs. Plaque is a sticky film that forms on teeth when starch or sugar in foods mixes with mouth bacteria. Not removing plaque in a timely manner can have an impact on your overall oral health, so it is important to visit a family dentist in Colorado Springs to have your teeth cleaned regularly.

How does plaque form, and how can you treat it? Let’s take a look!

Is plaque common?

Don’t worry – everyone has some level of plaque on their teeth. It’s a natural result of eating and drinking, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by it. It is important to note, however, that taking care of your teeth and regularly removing plaque is important to your oral health.

How does plaque form?

Plaque is a bacterial film that constantly coats teeth, especially when eating or drinking foods with high sugar or starch content. This is harmful to your oral health because when plaque reacts with food, it can produce acids which ultimately lead to gingivitis and cavities while constantly wearing down your tooth enamel.

Another side effect of plaque is tartar, a hard deposit on your teeth that can impact gum health.

How can I treat plaque?

In order to avoid dental issues from plaque, you should brush your teeth daily and floss to remove leftover food particles before they have the chance to affect your teeth and gums. Dental sealants can also help keep plaque from appearing, as can fluoride treatments. A Colorado Springs dentist can help you keep your teeth clean and as plaque-free as possible!

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