How Can A Dentist Tell You Smoke?

How Can A Dentist Tell You Smoke?

How Can a Dentist Tell You Smoke?

If you’re a smoker, you probably know that smoking is bad for your teeth. You may be wondering whether your dentist can tell that you smoke and, if so, how. The short answer is yes- your dentist will be able to tell if you smoke. Here’s how.

Effects of Smoking on Your Teeth

Smoking has several significant detrimental effects on your dental health, some of which are easily visible to your dentist (and possibly you, too). These are some of them.

Stained Teeth

Arguably the most noticeable effect of smoking on your teeth is the yellow or even brown staining it causes on their surfaces. Because teeth have pores that can absorb nicotine and tar in tobacco products, smoking can cause deep stains.

Unfortunately, getting tobacco stains off your teeth won’t be as easy as using drugstore whitening products, either. You’ll probably need professional whitening to remove all the staining. Your dentist can help with that.

Tartar Buildup

Everyone can get tartar buildup on their teeth, but smokers are even more susceptible to it. This is because tobacco use affects the saliva in your mouth, leading to greater plaque and tartar buildup. If your dentist notices an unusual amount of tartar buildup along with some of the other effects of smoking, they’ll have a good idea that you’re a smoker.

Receding/Inflamed Gums

Smoking doesn’t just affect your teeth. It can have a damaging effect on your gums, too.

Receding or inflamed gums are two common signs of smoking tobacco since the chemicals in the cigarettes irritate your gums. These problems aren’t just aesthetic, either. Smokers are twice as likely as nonsmokers to suffer from gum disease.  

Issues with your gums are yet another sign your dentist may notice that indicates you’re a smoker.

Key Takeaway

Your dentist will most likely know whether you are a smoker once they start examining your teeth. There’s no reason to lie to your dentist about your smoking habits or any other relevant information since they will only use those details to provide you with better, more tailored care. As your dentist will tell you, quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your dental health. Making an appointment and being honest is the next best thing. Reach out to Crossroads Family Dentistry today to schedule your next appointment.

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