Healthy Eating And Your Smile – How Does Your Diet Affect Your Teeth?

Healthy Eating And Your Smile – How Does Your Diet Affect Your Teeth?

We are all aware of what impact diet has on our bodies and general health, but what most people do not know is that diet affects the teeth. Certain foods benefit your teeth and improve your oral health in general, while others degrade your teeth’ health.

What Can Lead to Dental Problems?

Foods that contain lots of sugar, such as candy and sodas, contribute a lot to tooth decay. They eat away the tooth enamel, causing cavities or, worse, tooth decay. Cavities result from sticky foods such as honey, dried fruits, or raisins or starchy foods that stick or cling to the surface of your teeth and enable bacteria to eat through your teeth. The best way is to avoid such foods or to soil yourself to such with lots of moderation. Besides this, you need to maintain good oral habits, i.e., regular brushing and flossing.

Foods with high acidic levels also take a toll on your teeth. Citrus fruits and drinks, as much as they are essential to your general body health, affect your teeth’ enamel. Take them in reduced amounts, or eat them with other foods to reduce the acidity.

Are There Any Good Options?

On the other hand, certain foods are of great help to your teeth, and they include anti-inflammatory foods such as groceries and specific cereals such as beans. Incorporating vegetables and fruits with a higher pH has a tremendous impact on your teeth’ health. Foods rich in calcium are also of great benefit to the teeth. The recommended amount of calcium you can take daily is between 1000 and 1300 milligrams to keep your teeth healthy and avoid gum diseases. Milk, for example, is an excellent source of calcium.

You cannot avoid most foods now that you know they affect your teeth. The trick is to develop an intake moderation and consume more of the foods that benefit your teeth. Give us a call today, and we will answer all your questions about appointments and the services we offer to our esteemed clients.

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