Getting Your Teeth Cleaned During Pregnancy

Getting Your Teeth Cleaned During Pregnancy

The dentist can be of great help in keeping your mouth healthy during pregnancy. Check in with your dentist to notify them that you’re pregnant as soon as you find out. Treatments and medications given to you will be adjusted such as postponing certain procedures until after the baby is born to avoid taking any risks. The second trimester is the best time to have minor dental work performed, such as a professional cleaning or having a cavity filled.

Visiting your dentist for a teeth cleaning and dental X-rays is safe while you are pregnant for those who have concerns. Talk to your OB/GYN if you would prefer a second medical opinion, they work with patients and their dentists to ensure that every pregnancy is a safe and healthy experience. Below we explore important safety measures to consider while pregnant, to keep yourself and your baby healthy for the next few months.

Big changes happen to your body during the 9 months of pregnancy to include your oral health. Changes in hormone levels increase the risk of oral health issues, specifically gum disease and small round raised areas on the gums known as pregnancy tumors. If you notice your gums bleed more frequently while pregnant, the American Pregnancy Association recommends being proactive about it. Your Powers Colorado Springs dentist will determine if more frequent professional teeth cleanings are necessary for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Morning sickness in the first trimester can cause tooth erosion from the acid in your stomach as it coats over the teeth. Heartburn or acid reflux can also affect your teeth from the gastric acid it produces. You may think that brushing your teeth immediately after morning sickness might be the right thing to do, however, as your Colorado Springs Dentist, we recommend you rinse with baking soda and water instead. It helps neutralize the acid from your stomach and will be the best thing you can do to protect your enamel.

If you develop what is called pregnancy tumors, know they are purely caused by changing hormones and are not malignant tumors. These types of growths most often appear during your second trimester and may look like tiny raspberries have formed between your teeth. Pregnancy tumors can be removed should you decide they are causing too much discomfort, but they will heal on their own after your baby is born. As a mom-to-be, we understand that you have plenty on your mind, but it shouldn’t mean you forget to schedule a teeth cleaning while pregnant.

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