End Of The Year Benefits (Use Them Or Lose Them)

End Of The Year Benefits (Use Them Or Lose Them)

You’ll brush away benefits if you don’t make dental appointments. Thousands of people in Colorado are at risk of losing their dental benefits. The National Association of Dental Plans says that only 2.8% of dental plan participants reached their annual plan maximum. That is alarming news, considering the importance of keeping our teeth healthy.

Dental Benefits Expire

Check your dental benefits plan. Whether you pay for dental care benefits or use an FSA, your plan likely runs out on December 31. Most dental insurance companies don’t roll-over benefits. On January 1, you start with a clean slate and more deductibles to meet. Why let your hard-earned dental dollars go down the drain when there is still plenty of time left in the year to get the dental care you need?

Take Advantage of Benefits Before They Expire

Although most dental insurance plans end at the end of the year, this may vary from one company to another. Check your policy to learn the end date and mark it on your calendar if it isn’t the common December 31 date. Be sure to take advantage of those benefits before the date on this plan.

Take Care of Your Oral Health

Prevention is key to good oral health and savings in your purse. Many dental plans pay 100% costs for dental exams and preventative care, so why not schedule an appointment before damage occurs, since your benefits plan won’t charge you one cent out of pocket?

Use Coverage Early

Time sneaks up on us, and it’s the end of the year before we realize it. The holidays are especially stressful and probably not the ideal time for extensive dental services. Why not take advantage of the benefits early on and use the coverage during the summer or fall, if it is possible?

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