Do Wisdom Teeth Make You Wise?

Do Wisdom Teeth Make You Wise?

When it comes to relatable medical procedures, it is hard to top wisdom teeth removal. Around 85% of the people born with wisdom teeth in the United States have them extracted. It is a common shared experience that has made us all equally miserable! But why exactly are wisdom teeth awful, and does keeping them in your mouth really make you wise? Let’s take a look at some fun wisdom teeth facts!

  • Not everyone has the same number of wisdom teeth

While most of the country can relate to having wisdom teeth, some people are born without them. Around 25% of the world is born without any at all! Don’t worry, however, because it turns out that the rest of the country makes up for those missing teeth. Some people have more than four of them! Others only have one or two.

  • Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed

While most of us will need to have our wisdom teeth removed, some lucky people have no problems with them at all!

  • Wisdom teeth harbor stem cells

Wisdom teeth are sometimes used in research projects that seek to better understand stem cells and the ways in which they can repair damage and injuries. They can be extracted from the teeth after they are removed from your mouth.

  • Wisdom teeth make you wise! Right?

With a name like “wisdom teeth,” they must be a sign of wisdom, right? Well, it turns out that is not entirely accurate. The name actually comes from the age they tend to emerge. Most people will start to see their teeth emerge between the ages of 17 to 21. This period of time is sometimes referred to as the “age of wisdom” because it is the age that most people begin to grow up a bit and look to the future.

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