Dentist Vs. Orthodontist

Dentist Vs. Orthodontist

There are several similarities between the roles of dentists and orthodontists. There is no question that both of these oral health professionals exist to maintain the health of our teeth and gums. Both strive to ensure that we keep our bright and shiny smiles by providing quality treatments.

Although both professions are concerned with maintaining teeth health, they have considerable differences regarding their specialization in oral health.

Keep reading to learn more about the dentist and orthodontist’s valuable role in addressing your oral health concerns.

Dentist and Orthodontist: What are their roles?

The main difference between these two professions is their broad range of specialties.

Dentists in Colorado Springs focus more on addressing cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, dental fillings, and preventative dental care. Their role revolves more around general dentistry, from cleaning to tooth repairs.  

On the other hand, orthodontists had additional training focusing on the alignment of the jaw and tooth. To make it simple, they focus more on dental treatment related to retainers, clear aligners, and braces. They assess your bite and provide the necessary treatment to correct it.

Although they have different lines of focus, there will be times when both will work together to provide you with better oral health.

Should you visit an orthodontist or a dentist?

There will be times when these two professions will overlap. If necessary, your dentist can refer you to an orthodontist for teeth alignment treatment. In some cases, dentists can perform the orthodontic treatment as long as it’s within their line of dental specialty.

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