Are You Addicted To Soda?

Are You Addicted To Soda?

We are all well aware that soda is not healthy for us, but do we know about the negative effects of soda has on our teeth?

Soda lovers are washing away precious tooth enamel as one of the main negative effects of soda, but this may or may not be new information to you. More commonly known, soda Contains 9 -10 (46.2 grams) teaspoons of sugar in an average 12-ounce pour. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends no more than 6 teaspoons (25 grams) of added sugar per day for women and 9 teaspoons (38 grams) for men. It’s obvious that a single serving of soda is almost double the average daily sugar consumption recommended for each person. Consuming soda produces characteristics of cravings, withdrawals, and chemical changes in the brain such as those in people addicted to some drugs.

The sugar in these carbonated drinks combined with bacteria that is present in your mouth, together form acid which attacks the teeth. You might be thinking, “great, I’ll just drink sugar-free soda!” Even soda that is marketed as “sugar-free” contains its own form of acid, that also attacks those precious teeth. The acid weakens the tooth enamel, especially in teenagers and younger children due to them not having their tooth enamel fully developed compared to adults. When the enamel wears away, the teeth can become discolored, highly sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, and loose the shiny pearly look. The teeth can also start to feel a tingling sensation, cause pain while brushing or flossing, and cause cavities at a faster rate than those who don’t drink soda on the daily. Pay attention to your teeth, both how they look and feel after consuming soda. If you notice a negative difference start thinking about ways you may be able to cut back on soda immediately.

As you try to figure out what your addiction to soda is like, remember to take things slowly and one step a time to successfully cut out sugary soda from your lifestyle. Begin with acknowledging what your soda triggers are, if you notice a craving in specific situations, time of day, or certain places we recommend you plan ahead of time and bring your own natural-soda that doesn’t contain the masses of sugar or an alternative beverage. Save your soda consumption for those rare special occasions, try flavoring your water with fruits, give seltzer a try if you miss the bubbles, and most importantly drink a glass of water first before giving into your sugar craving. Remember that taking small steps will be more effective in the long run, and more importantly a more permanent lifestyle change.

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