Will Dental Implants Change My Face?

Will Dental Implants Change My Face?

Are you in the market for dental implants? Dental implants might be the best choice if you are interested in help with a recent or upcoming tooth loss or are hoping to improve your jaw health after an older extraction. Patients often wonder how they might impact their facial structure; however, as a Colorado Springs dentist dedicated to our community, we want to set the record straight. Let’s talk about dental implants and your face!

Does losing a tooth change my face?

Losing a tooth can have a significant impact on your facial appearance. That might be hard to accept at first, especially since a single tooth is such an objectively small part of your body. Instead of thinking about your teeth as replaceable parts, you should consider them as no easier to replace than a leg bone or knee joint. Your bones aren’t designed to be replaceable, and your teeth are part of your skeletal system, just like any other bone. Losing one of them impacts your health and should always result in a trip to your family dentist in Colorado Springs.

Missing teeth often lead to a loss of soft tissue and jawbone, both of which can affect the structural integrity of your jaw. Even beyond bone loss, missing teeth allow remaining teeth to shift. This can further affect your facial structure and appearance and might even significantly change your smile. Dental implants help prevent these consequences by effectively replacing the lost tooth and fusing to the jawbone.

Will dental implants affect my appearance?

Beyond saving your existing smile, dental implants can change your face. This is especially true for older individuals experiencing a natural bone mass reduction, which can lead to wrinkles and loose skin. Dental implants help restore declining bone mass and, in turn, help “fill out” your face shape and dramatically improve your self-confidence!

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