Why Is Oral Health Important?

Why Is Oral Health Important?

Many of us were taught to care for our oral health when we were children and never thought to question the wisdom behind it. Does oral health really matter? What are the consequences of failing to maintain a good level of oral hygiene? As a family dentist in Colorado Springs, we see our fair share of smiles. Let’s talk about the importance of oral health and why you should care.

Quality of life

You might not realize it yet, but teeth are essential to a healthy and happy life. Your teeth dictate how you speak, how you eat, and even how you feel about yourself. Damaged or missing teeth can significantly impact your quality of life by making it more challenging to communicate with loved ones. For example, talking over the phone might become quite difficult as your words become less clear and easily understood.

Patients also find that their diets are significantly affected, too, as it becomes either painful or difficult to chew properly. This issue also impacts digestion and gut health, which can further negatively impact your overall health and quality of life.


Your confidence might be even if your quality of life is not impacted by poor oral health. Oral health affects your teeth and jaw in several ways. Tooth decay can lead to a deteriorating jawbone, which can dramatically change your appearance. Missing teeth often result in shifting in the remaining teeth, which can also affect how your face looks, especially when you smile.

Even beyond appearance, poor oral health can affect your confidence. We talked about the impact injured, and damaged teeth can have on your quality of life. Still, we didn’t point out that not only are diet changes and communication abilities impacted by oral health but your confidence in speaking with other people or eating in public can also be dramatically impacted. As a prominent Colorado Springs dentist, we see firsthand the impact less-than-healthy teeth have upon self-confidence and understand just how priceless impeccable oral health truly is.

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