What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

In recent years, dental crowns have become increasingly popular for restoring the sparkle of teeth for people with oral problems. Dental crowns could be what you need if you’re worried about your recently broken teeth not having a solution.

Understanding dental crowns

When a tooth is broken or decayed, a dental filling typically serves as a common solution to repair your tooth. However, fillings can only do so much to restore the look of your tooth. So don’t be surprised if your Colorado Springs dentist suggests dental crowns to you.

Now you might be wondering what dental crowns are?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are installed over damaged teeth. It is usually made with ceramic, metal, porcelain, or resin, depending on the type of crown. Using the crown, your dentist should be able to restore the original appearance of your teeth.

Before dental crowns are placed over your teeth, your teeth must be shaped to fit the crown. After it has been shaped, a crown is cemented over the damaged tooth enough to cover it.

What are the materials used in making dental crowns?

As we have previously mentioned, various materials are used to make crowns based on their type. These includes:

  • Ceramic – This material is popular among patients who want to retain their tooth’s natural appearance. It is also durable enough to protect your teeth from stains, decay or damage.
  • Metal – Among the other materials, this dental crown is the most durable. Essentially, it can withstand strong pressures caused by biting and chewing. The only issue with this dental crown is that it is pretty noticeable.
  • Porcelain – Similar to ceramic dental crowns, porcelains are often preferred due to its natural appearance. But remember that it is not as strong as metal dental crowns and may chip and crack if applied with biting force.
  • Resin – This type of dental crown material is made of a material that is similar to dental fillings, and it is the least expensive on this list. Resin dental crowns also appear to be natural in appearance.

Who needs dental crowns?

A dentist in Colorado Springs considers several factors before considering dental crowns to use. Among these includes:

  • Covering discolored teeth
  • Repairing a severely broken, chipped, or decayed tooth
  • Serves as protection for a week tooth
  • Applied to support a dental bridge
  • Dental crowns are used to cover a tooth that is treated with a root canal procedure

Now that you know what dental crowns are, you are probably searching for the best dentist in Colorado Springs. Fortunately, you do not have to travel far to find one

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