So You Need Braces

So You Need Braces

One of the worst things a teenager or young adult can hear is that they need braces. To many, this immediately brings to mind metal wires, discomfort, and embarrassment. However, this image of braces is actually outdated. Today, there are a number of different options for braces, a few of which include painful wires or any embarrassing smiles. One new option that many patients can take advantage of is ClearCorrect.

What Is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a way of realigning teeth that do not require traditional braces. Instead, it uses a series of clear plastic aligners that the patient wears in their mouth for a certain amount of time each day. These aligners are custom-made for each patient, so they fit very comfortably. Once you get used to wearing the aligner, you will find that you hardly notice it. It will not impact your speech once you acclimate to having it in your mouth, and the clear plastic used in making these aligners make them nearly invisible. Few people will realize you are wearing one.

Advantages of ClearCorrect

In addition to being much more comfortable than traditional braces and much harder to see, ClearCorrect has a few other advantages over metal wires. The aligners can be removed at any time. In fact, you will want to remove them when you eat and drink. Because of this, there are no restrictions on your diet. With traditional braces, you typically need to avoid foods that are sticky or that may damage the wires. That is not necessary with ClearCorrect.

It is also much easier to take care of your teeth. Again, all you need to do is remove the aligners. You can then brush and floss as you normally would. That said, while it is simple to take the aligners in and out, you do need to make sure that you are wearing them the correct amount of time. Typically, this means you should have the aligner when you are not eating or brushing your teeth.

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