Should I Drink That? What The Acid Content In Our Mouth Can Do To Our Enamel

Should I Drink That? What The Acid Content In Our Mouth Can Do To Our Enamel

The enamel on our teeth is robust, but this does not mean it is indestructible. Most of the loved drinks have high acidity, which is quite dangerous to the enamel. It goes without mentioning that nothing artificial will ever be as good as what was natural. Once the enamel is damaged and the tooth is affected, cosmetic replacements and corrections can be done, but they do not work best as the original enamel or tooth. For this reason, we need to know what to drink and what drinks to avoid due to acidity.

What the acid content in our mouth can do to our enamel

Drinks with a low pH have the potential of causing a lot of havoc to our teeth via the enamel. It begins with eating away this part, which is hard and protects the teeth from external injury. The erosion or the enamel’s damage is fatal as the enamel cannot grow back once it is destroyed. When we take acidic drinks, they do not have an immediate effect on the enamel. The drink creates an acidic environment in the mouth, making the saliva in the mouth acidic. Since saliva is always in contact with the teeth, the acidity in it is what slowly erodes the enamel.

The sad thing about this is that the enamel does not have living cells, which means that it cannot heal, unlike any other body organ or tissue. As soon as the enamel is off, dental problems such as tooth discoloration, pain, and sensitivity kick in. The discomfort associated with these teeth problems is quite intense, which is why we cannot afford to let acidic drinks destroy our teeth enamel.

Should I drink that?

To avoid enamel erosion, we need to know which drinks to avoid and the ones we can enjoy. Regular soda is one of the drinks we need to avoid. Even if it is sugar-free, which is excellent for our general body health, it has an immense effect on the enamel.  

Citrus fruits and drinks as well do not go well with the teeth. They have significant benefits to the body, but we also need to consider our teeth. Wine, which is taken as part of leisure and fine dining, is also an example of an acidic beverage we should avoid or drink in moderation. Red wine is less acidic compared to white wine, but they damage our teeth eventually.

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