Self-Confidence And Your Smile

Self-Confidence And Your Smile

Confidence is not something we’re born with, but something we earn through trial and error. Confidence in ourselves is one of the hardest things we can achieve, but there are several things we can do to earn and maintain self-confidence.

Confidence is Important

A lot of what makes us emotionally uncomfortable with ourselves are physical body issues. This isn’t the same as looking around and seeing that our physical forms are different from others and emulate them. It more aligns with how you personally feel from moment to moment. Is it easy for you to breathe in your daily activities? Do you get migraines or consistent stomach aches? Are you upkeeping your personal hygiene? If you can simply examine your body without comparing it to others and assess how you feel towards it, you’ll make good headway in feeling more confident.

Our health is directly connected with our mentality towards ourselves and others. Think specifically about your mouth health. After a long night of partying with alcohol, cigarettes, and other not so great substances, your mouth feels DISGUSTING! Your teeth feel fuzzy, everything is kind of dry, and there is a very apparent odor. All of these signs are your body telling you that you did something not so great to it. While it is good to bust out the toothbrush when you wake up feeling this way, it’s better to brush consistently. This example shows you what it feels like after you do a slue of bad habits at once, but if you simply don’t brush your teeth regularly, you’ll start to adjust day by day how your teeth feel. It will feel ‘normal’ to have this same level of gross in your mouth when you don’t care for them. Self-care is key to gaining and maintaining self-confidence, and your smile can go a long way to improving your mood!

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