Periodontal Therapy And Homecare Compliance

Periodontal Therapy And Homecare Compliance

When it comes to our teeth and oral care, brushing and flossing have been embedded in our brains since we were little kids. We don’t have to lose our teeth when we get older, and we don’t have to suffer from cavities and oral hygiene problems. We should always care for our teeth by brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day. Using mouthwash can also help with preventative care for problems such as plaque buildup, cavities, and gum disease. It is also important to schedule regular dental check-ups. With consistent maintenance and hygiene, we can keep our natural teeth for a lifetime.

Sometimes, however, despite our best efforts to care for our teeth we can still end up with conditions such as periodontal (gum) disease. Gum disease can be dangerous if untreated since the disease can spread from your gums through to the bone that supports your teeth. Thankfully, with periodontal therapy, this can be repaired as soon as signs of unwellness are apparent.

Periodontal therapy isn’t just one sole therapy. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures that are used to repair the tissues and teeth so as to restore and prevent the loss of any teeth. Scaling and root planing is a deep cleaning procedure wherein plaque and tartar are removed. This is typically the starting point to control the spread of gum disease if it is not too far along. Some of the other techniques include gum grafting, periodontal plastic surgery, periodontal laser treatment, and dental implants.

After receiving periodontal therapy, it is important to have a follow-up appointment within three to four months. This appointment is to ensure things are moving along smoothly and to assess how your gums and teeth are healing.

Homecare compliance is important as well in healing your gums and teeth. Part of periodontal therapy is caring for your teeth regularly and on a consistent basis.

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