Overcoming Dental Phobia

Overcoming Dental Phobia

A fear of the dentist is more common than not. Like having a fear of spiders or snakes, being afraid of the dentist is something that most people have always struggled with. Whether it be because of the tools, sounds, or the fact that someone has their hands in your mouth, it is something that one can overcome just like every other fear. While usually, the fear originated from something that might have happened as a child, a lot of adults still fear the dentist because of this. Here is some helpful information to overcome your dental phobia:

Talk to Your Dentist

Talking to your dentist about your fear of going to the dentist itself or whatever else it may be, is important because he can make you feel more comfortable during your appointment. They can go above and beyond to make sure you feel like you are comfortable and safe. Whether it be a private room, laughing gas, anesthesia, etc., it can all help you address your dental phobia.

Bring a Family Member or Friend

Having someone there to reassure you that everything will be fine can be very calming and relaxing. They can help calm you down by talking to you, holding your hand, or just having their presence, in general, can help distract you from your dental fear.

Bring Headphones

If it is the noise that bothers you, you can bring noise-canceling headphones or listen to music while you are there. Studies have shown that listening to music in an intense situation can help you feel calmer and stress-free. The next time you are there, be sure to ask your doctor if you can bring headphones so you do not have to hear whatever makes you uncomfortable.

Change Dentists

If the reason you have a dental phobia is that your dentist has made you feel uncomfortable in any way and you do not want to go back, simply change dentists. Not all dentists have the same techniques or will treat you the same. If you talk to your new dentist about your previous experience they can work with you to help you overcome your dental phobia by being aware of certain things that made you fear the dentist in the first place.

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