Mouthguards: An Essential Item To Protect Your Summer Fun

Mouthguards: An Essential Item To Protect Your Summer Fun

Now that summer is in full swing, kids of all ages are outdoors enjoying as much fun in the sun as possible before the school bells ring again to signal another year of school. Also, while you’d probably much rather forget about textbooks, lockers, and other items used at school, there is one essential item that you shouldn’t forget as you enjoy the summer. That item is a mouthguard.

Do You Need to Use a Mouthguard?

Contact sports such as basketball, football, and wrestling require mouthguard protection to prevent tooth and mouth injuries, but many other sports and summer activities pose dental risks. Any summer sport or activity puts your teeth and beautiful smile at-risk. When a mouthguard is used, those risks are downgraded, and you enjoy all the summer fun that you want without losing a tooth in the process.

Some of the most common summer activities that require a mouthguard includes:

  • Wheeled Sports: Rollerblading, biking, skating, and skateboarding are a few of the wheeled sports that require a mouthguard for tooth protection. Along with the helmet, a mouthguard ensures that falls to the ground don’t cause tooth, jaw, or head injuries.
  • Water Sports: Water sports like surfing and water skiing require stamina and accuracy. Use a mouthguard to reduce the chance of injuring your mouth after a spill in the water, which isn’t as soft a landing as most assume it to be.
  • Court Sports: Tennis and court sports aren’t necessarily contact sports, but the bouncing ball does risk mouth injury. Wear a mouthguard for practice and the actual game, and you’re always protected!
  • Team/Contact Sports: Soccer, football, baseball, and basketball are contact sports that put your teeth at risk, whether a flying ball smacks you in the mouth or you bump heads with another player. Visit a dentist in Colorado Springs for such a mishap, but reduce worry by cushioning the mouth and teeth with a mouthguard!

Anyone who plans on leading an active life during the summer, particularly people playing in summer sports leagues or teens heading out to Palmer Park or one of the other great playing fields in the Springs, should take the necessary steps to protect their mouth from potential injury. If you currently use a mouthguard, pat yourself on the back. Otherwise, browse the options and gain the protection that you need.

How to Choose a Mouthguard

Numerous ready-made mouthguards protect your mouth and teeth. They’re available from the dentist offices in Colorado Springs and sold at drugstores, sporting stores and online. Some mouthguards are bulky and uncomfortable, so do take the time to choose carefully to find the best comfort and fit for your needs. The dentist in Colorado Springs can also customize a mouthguard for your specific needs. Whatever your choice, make sure that a mouthguard is readily available to protect your mouth and teeth during all your summer activities.

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