Is Being Thankful – Good For Your Health?

Is Being Thankful – Good For Your Health?

As we all sit down to our Thanksgiving feasts with our loved ones at the end of the month, the topic of “being thankful” will inevitably come up, with people stating a variety of reasons that they are thankful. While expressing (and receiving) gratitude is a good way to improve your happiness, it can also actually be good for your overall health.

Connections: Maybe your aunt didn’t know just how much her thoughtful birthday card meant to you. And now that mutual understanding can help strengthen your bond and boost self-esteem on both sides.

Depression: List all of the things you are grateful for. You may be better off than you realize. Even the little ones count. Have a roof over your head? Food in the refrigerator? At least one friend to confide in? These realizations may help lift your spirits.

Motivation: Hearing about something someone is thankful for or analyzing the things you are thankful for can help motivate you to achieve more. If your best friend is thankful for their excellent health, that might motivate you to improve upon your own. If you express thankfulness to your employees, you may find they feel motivated to work harder.

Sleep: “Never go to bed, angry.” This age-old saying is actually true when it comes to sleep quality. No matter what kind of day you had, taking a few moments before bed to list and focus on the things you are thankful for will help you get a better night’s rest. And a better night’s rest will do wonders for your health.

And while you are reflecting upon all the things to be thankful for, don’t forget your teeth and oral health. Without a good set of chompers and proper care for your mouth, you wouldn’t be able to take in all the deliciousness that comes along with Thanksgiving and being thankful. Crossroads Family Dentistry can take care of all your oral needs for both you and your family, from the little ones all the way to the not-so-little ones.

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