How To Tell If A Tooth Is Infected?

How To Tell If A Tooth Is Infected?

Are you ever struck by a sudden toothache, whether you’ve just woken up or are just working? Or perhaps you may have noticed your gums swelling? If your answer is “yes” to any of these, it is probably a sign that you have an infected tooth.

We know that having a toothache can make life more difficult– especially when left untreated. It distracts us from performing our everyday life. Even worse, this infected tooth causing a toothache may have developed into a much more severe oral health problem without you knowing.

Causes of tooth infection

Our mouth is home to hundreds of different species of bacteria. And it is no surprise if one day you find out that you have an infected tooth if you are not observing proper oral health care.

Essentially, tooth infection occurs when the protective layer or enamel of the tooth is damaged. If this happens, it will not only cause cavities that can be filled easily by a dentist.

It will cause harmful bacteria to penetrate the tooth that could even extend to the tooth pulp, nerve, tissue, and root canal. Infection in this tooth area may make a patient experience excruciating and in constant pain.

So how can you prevent your teeth from getting infected? The key here is prevention. And the way to prevent it is by avoiding its leading causes, such as:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Injury to teeth or gums
  • Eating sugary foods
  • Smoking
  • Weak immune system


Now that you know what tooth infection is and its causes, let’s get into its symptoms. Identifying how this oral condition manifests will help prevent it from developing into a severe one.

Listed below are some of the symptoms of tooth infection:

  • Pain when eating or chewing
  • Tooth pain that throbs
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverage
  • Foul breath
  • Loose tooth
  • Swelling gums

If you experience any of these symptoms, pay your Colorado Springs dentist a visit to provide you with the proper treatment. There are times when a tooth infection may also be a sign of an underlying severe oral condition, so you should have your dentist in Colorado Springs check it out.

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