How Long Does Numbness Last After The Dentist?

How Long Does Numbness Last After The Dentist?

Many people find the prospect of going to the dentist intimidating, unpleasant, or even scary. An incredible 20% of American adults dread their dentist visits. There’s no shame in that, but the truth is most dental appointments won’t be very painful, thanks to the numbing agents dentists have at their disposal.

For the majority of intense dental procedures, the dentist will administer a numbing agent to the patient to keep them from feeling any pain. The numbing solvents are a great way to get through a dental procedure without any suffering, but a side effect is experiencing some numbness in the mouth even after the procedure is over. How long exactly will the numbness last? That depends.

Generally, the numbness you feel in your mouth after a dental appointment for serious procedures will fade within hours. How long exactly will depend on personal factors like height, weight, and your body’s ability to metabolize anesthesia as well as the procedure itself.

If your dental procedure was on the bottom part of your mouth, you’re likely to experience numbness for longer than if it was in the top of your mouth. The reason for this is that the bottom jaw has a large nerve that’s better connected to the rest of your face and is more sensitive to pain.

As a general rule, the more intense the procedure, the more numbing agent is required, the longer the patient’s mouth will stay numb afterward. To stay on the safe side, avoid scheduling a major dental procedure on the same day as a work presentation or other significant event. You don’t want to get caught being unable to speak or emote effectively. In time, the numbness will fade, and you’ll be back to normal.

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