How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

Endodontic procedures vary in length depending on the patient’s needs, but root canals typically require 1-2 appointments. And each session can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Poor oral hygiene is responsible for causing not only tooth decay and broken teeth. Sometimes, it could be a lot worse. Bacteria may not only penetrate the surface of the teeth. In some cases, they can also enter the pulp of your teeth and cause infection.

Root canal treatment is commonly used to treat infected teeth. This type of treatment is intended to relieve you of recurring pain and infections.

What is a root canal?

Root canals are chambers that can be found inside our teeth that contain pulp nerves and blood vessels. The purpose of a root canal is to connect the bone and gums. Dentists usually require root canal treatment or an endodontic procedure if the pulp gets inflamed or infected.

To remove the infection, your dentist will disinfect the canals inside your tooth during this procedure. To preserve the tooth’s original structure, the dentist will fill and seal the chamber and use a dental crown.


Root canal treatment will help to relieve the pain by removing the inflamed pulp.

Here are some additional symptoms that may entail that you need root canal treatment:

  • Recurring deep tooth pain
  • Intolerance of hot or cold beverages and foods
  • Gums that are puffy and swollen
  • Pimples are forming on the gums.
  • Jaw is visibly swollen.
  • Color of the teeth appears to be darker.
  • Chewing with certain teeth causes pain.
  • Teeth that are loose
  • Tooth decay, chipping, or cracking

If you experience any of these symptoms, make sure to pay a visit to your dentist. Dentists will help to determine whether your root canal is infected and provide the proper treatment.

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