How Are Teeth Numbered?

How Are Teeth Numbered?

If you have been visiting your dentist in Colorado Springs lately, you may have heard of the dental chart. And we know that it may sound very confusing at first, but it’s actually pretty simple once you learn how to read it.

This blog post aims to educate you about how your teeth are numbered to help you feel more comfortable for your next dental appointment.

Types of Teeth

Before we get into how teeth our teeth are numbered, you need to understand the different types of human teeth. Familiarizing yourself with these will help you easily understand the universal numbering system used by dentists in identifying teeth.

An adult has at least 32 teeth, and we can categorize these into four main types. These are:

  • Molars are the teeth that can be found at the back of our mouth. It helps us to chew our food before we swallow it.
  • Premolars, often referred to as bicuspids, offer support to our molar to further break it down. These eight premolars are arranged just in front of the 12 molars.
  • Incisors are the teeth we use to grab and bite food before chewing it. Basically, incisors can be broken down into two categories – “lateral” and “central.”
  • Canines can be distinctively noticed as it has a sharper appearance. There are two canines on top and bottom of our mouths.

Understanding how teeth are numbered

Essentially, our mouth is divided into four parts. Each part is numbered clockwise from one to eight.

So in the upper right quadrant, tooth number 1 will be the third molar, followed by tooth number 2, and so on until tooth number eight, which is the central incisor. Afterward, tooth number 9 is the incisor (located in the upper left quadrant), and the number continues until you reach tooth number 16, the third molar.

So why do Colorado Springs dentists number the teeth?

The reason behind this is simple. This universal numbering system exists in order to prevent a mix-up with the patient’s dental record.

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