Halloween Candy To Avoid In 2020

Halloween Candy To Avoid In 2020

Halloween is almost here, and that means beautiful and scary costumes as well as bags of candy lined up in stores tempting us with their sweet, chocolate taste. That also means added potential for cavities and decay from the excessive amounts of sugar in the candy. You don’t have to avoid participating in the annual ritual altogether. However, you can avoid some candy and save your teeth!

How Sugar Affects Your Teeth

After bacteria in your mouth break down sugar, they release acids that dissolve your tooth enamel, causing gum disease and tooth decay. You should brush your teeth after eating sugary foods and floss regularly to prevent bacteria from feasting on any leftover sugar. Most Halloween candies are full of sugars, which can cause teeth problems. It would help if you avoided them or limit their intake.

Are All Sugars Bad for Your Teeth?

Not all sugars are harmful to your teeth. Some Halloween candies are sweet but sugar-free and thus lack the acid-promoting qualities of refined sugar. They include sugar-free mints and gums. They contain sugar alcohol that’s as sweet as sugar called Xylitol. It’s also found in toothpaste as it helps prevent bacteria that cause cavities in your mouth.

Candy to Avoid this Halloween

Avoid consuming any candy with refined sugar. Sugar appears in many forms as an ingredient in candy, such as corn syrup, sugar, confectioner’s glaze, dextrin, among others. Instead, go for candy with less sugar, such as dark chocolate, and brush away bacteria-filled plaque with fluoridated toothpaste to eliminate any sugars on your teeth. It’s good to enjoy Halloween, but dental cavities are not that good. If you have any questions or concerns about sugar, your oral health, or cavities, we can help. Feel free to contact us.

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