Flossing Is An Important Part Of Your Child’s Oral Health Routine: Find Out Why

Flossing Is An Important Part Of Your Child’s Oral Health Routine: Find Out Why

Flossing is essential for anyone who wants the best protection for their oral health. Flossing removes particles that become stuck between the teeth which traditional brushing doesn’t remove. Even kids can floss their teeth and go the extra mile to ensure proper oral health and a fantastic smile that lasts a lifetime. Don’t neglect this significant part of your child’s oral health. When flossing is a part of the oral care agenda, there is less risk of an emergency visit to dental offices in Colorado Springs for help. Flossing is vital to your child’s oral health. If your child doesn’t floss their teeth, it’s time for a change.

Plaque Build-Up & Cavities

Without flossing, plaque can build-up between the teeth. Plaque is colorless and odorless but is very damaging to the teeth. If left untreated, plaque uses the sugars in the foods that you eat to attack the teeth, eventually wearing down the enamel and tooth loss. Your dentist in Colorado Springs will examine your child’s mouth during each dental exam to ensure there is no plaque or particles stuck between the teeth. Make sure the dentist likes what he sees and ensure that your child is properly flossing.

Tartar Build-Up

Tartar is a dark, hard substance that builds up on the teeth if it is not removed during brushing. Removing tartar is difficult. Tartar build-up causes gum disease and infections in the mouth that may lead to tooth loss. Brushing away tartar isn’t possible. You’ll need to take your child to the dentist in Colorado Springs for a tartar treatment.

Bleeding Gums

If your child’s teeth bleed when they brush, it’s a sign that you should schedule an appointment at one out of dental offices in Colorado Springs without delay. The dentist can provide treatment that protects the teeth. Bleeding gums is a sign of gingivitis, also called gum disease. Bleeding gums can also be painful, although not everyone experiences pain with the condition.

Flossing Tips for Success

Don’t allow a lack of flossing knowledge stop you from cleaning your child’s teeth. Use the tips here to ensure proper flossing.

  • Use a 12″ – 18″ length of dental floss. Soft flossing picks are available if you prefer something easier to use.
  • Wide dental floss is best for kids. The wide floss is easier for small hands to hold and cleans a broader area of the teeth at once.
  • Be gentle! If you floss too harshly, gum irritation may occur. Gentle strokes should suffice.
  • Floss both the front and back sides of the teeth. Floss slightly below the gum line for best results.

You're Never too Young to Floss

According to a recent dental study, approximately 43% of all children do not floss their teeth. Please do not include your child in these numbers and protect their teeth by initiating flossing into their oral care routine. It’s never too early to teach kids the best ways to care for their teeth. It instills a lifetime of good oral health into their agenda as well. Make sure that flossing is a part of your child’s oral care experience each and every day!

If you’re unsure how to floss or if you want more oral health tips for your children, schedule an appointment with the dentist in Colorado Springs. You only get one chance to protect your smile and excellent oral health. Make sure that you do everything possible to protect your teeth.

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