Dental Anxiety – How To Overcome It Without Sedation

Dental Anxiety – How To Overcome It Without Sedation

A widespread concern that people have when visiting the dentist, whether it be visiting for the first time or a long-time returning client, is the anxiety of having a painful or unpleasant experience. Across the US, this phenomenon is not uncommon; it is estimated that up to 20 percent of the adult population faces anxiety related to going to the dentist. This is unfortunate, as dental care is essential for a person’s overall health, and skipping the dentist can have consequences beyond just unhealthy teeth.

We Prioritize Dental Health to Help Take Care of You

Here at Crossroads Family Dentistry, we take this concern very seriously, and we make it a priority to make sure all visitors are safe and comfortable. For this reason, we offer clients the option of nitrous or valium as pain and/or anxiety relief treatment. Often, this treatment is the safest and most effective way of going about a procedure.

However, after many years of working with clients, we have found that these treatments are not necessary for most people. Instead, we find that most customers feel very safe and don’t need these treatments because our creature comforts tend to do the trick. Our comfy chairs, Television, music, and friendly staff tend to be all that people need to relieve any anxiety they may feel from the appointment. We take great pride in this and hope to continue to accommodate each of our client’s unique needs!

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When it comes to being nervous, we understand, and we can help. So do not let your anxiety stop you from taking charge of your oral health. We are here to help. Contact us now and tell us what we can do to help.

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