Can Periodontitis Be Reversed?

Can Periodontitis Be Reversed?

According to the World Health Organization, over 14% of the adult population worldwide is affected by periodontitis. Simply put, billions of people suffer from this severe oral disease.

Periodontitis, also referred to as periodontal disease or gum disease, is a type of oral disease that directly affects the tissues surrounding the tooth. Oftentimes, people with periodontitis experience pain, bad breath and swelling, and bleeding of the gums. Over time, this disease may develop into a more severe condition causing the teeth to fall out from the gums.

Reversing Periodontal Disease

If you are wondering whether periodontal disease can be reversed, the short answer is yes.

While in its early stages, periodontitis can still be treated if detected in its early stages. If you notice certain symptoms, it is best to visit your Colorado Springs dentist to have it treated.

Below are some early signs of periodontitis:

  • Gum swelling
  • Gum bleeding after brushing
  • Breath smells unpleasant
  • Pus formation in the gums

During this period, your dentist may recommend an antimicrobial mouthwash or laser therapy to eradicate bacteria and microbes causing the infection.

Now, what if the disease progressed to a more severe stage? In this case, antimicrobial mouthwash won’t be enough.

Your dentist in Colorado Springs may use laser periodontal therapy to remove the infected gum tissue. They will provide a diagnosis on the conditions of gums and provide a streamlined treatment plan for you. Once everything is settled, you will proceed with a quick and painless laser treatment to kill the bacteria.

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