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Dental Implants

Crossroads Family Dentistry - Offering Dental Implants in Colorado Springs

While several options exist for the replacement of missing teeth, dental implants are generally the best choice. Dental Implants in Colorado Springs look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth, while also preserving your facial appearance. What could be better? If you are searching for dental implants in Colorado Springs, Dr. Ryan Tyng, DMD, is more than pleased to discuss this procedure with you.

While you can opt for fixed bridges and dentures to replace missing teeth, Colorado Springs dental implants are healthier alternatives. They offer a secure fit and enable the ability to chew whatever you want to eat. Dental implants put life back to normal.

In order to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and convenience, our dental office provides full implant dentistry treatments, including the surgical placement of dental implants. We provide a comprehensive set of pre-surgery and post-operation instructions, as well as an emergency contact number. Everything you need to know is clearly explained in person as well as on the documentation that our dental office provides.

We want our patients to have the best possible Colorado Springs dental implants along with exceptional care. Dr. Tyng uses products such as the exceptional styles fabricated by Nobel Biocare®. Offering an extensive selection of treatment options, Nobel Biocare provides an aesthetic approach that delivers maximum stability, providing our patients an ideal option for tooth replacement.

Colorado-Springs-Dental-ImplantsOur dental practice offers a wide selection of dental implants, including single, multiple, full arch, and mini dental implant styles. Each name reflects the exact nature of the implant. A single implant is designed for one missing tooth and can restore a natural-looking smile and/or the patient’s ability to eat properly. With multiple implants, if the replacement or repair of more than one tooth is necessary, the ability to bite and chew is significantly improved. With mini dental implants, a denture or fixed-bridge is generally involved for full-arch replacement, and the patient’s ability to bite and chew food is generally replaced to a level before the teeth were missing.

If you aren’t a good candidate for dental implants or you simply prefer a different option, Dr. Tyng offers a full range of denture care. In addition to full and partial sets of traditional dentures, our office provides implant-stabilized dentures. Mini implants are utilized to stabilize dentures, and generally involve four strategically placed implants.

While the process to receive your Colorado Springs Dental Implants takes a full three to six months depending on the exact nature of your procedure, it is generally easier than what most of our patients expect. Each procedure only involves 3 to 6 visits with waiting periods in between. Once you complete your first appointment, you will be pleasantly surprised with the ease of each of the remaining visits.

For more information on Colorado Springs dental implants, please call our office or schedule an appointment online.